Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience Returns to Cheshire for 2022

Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience

Tickets are now on sale for Cheshire’s 2022 Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience: a nighttime experience that sees guest wander through a magical woodland trail filled with sounds, sights, and special effects that will enchant visitors and immerse them into the Forbidden Forest of the Wizarding World. Guests will be able to explore and discover a variety of creatures within the forest including Centaurs, Nifflers, Unicorns, and a Hippogriff. You may even be able to learn to cast your very own patronus!

Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience’s mystical walk through Arley’s woodland is the result of a collaboration between Thinkwell, Unify, Fever, and Warner Bros. Themed Entertainment.

Where Does it Take Place?

The Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience is held at Arley Hall & Gardens, Arley, Norwich, CW9 6NA

Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience at Arley Hall & Gardens
Arley Hall & Gardens

A new location for Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience has also been announced to take place in Leesburg, Virginia, USA.

When Can You Visit?

Tickets are currently available to be purchased through the official website.

The magical event takes place from 15th October 2022.

Time slots are available from between 4:30pm up to 9:45pm.

There will be free parking available for guests exploring the trail, including accessible parking.

There will also be accessible toilets both at the halfway point through the trail and in the Village. Only assistance dogs will be allowed on the trail. It is also important to acknowledge that the trail itself is a woodlands trail and therefore may not be easily traversable for those with mobility issues, however, motorised wheelchairs will be available for hire.

Due to this being an outdoor event it is also possible that the weather impacts the experience you may have when visiting. Considering it is set to take place during winter in the UK, dressing in warm clothing and being prepared for rain is always a good idea! The event will apparently continue to take place regardless of if there is rain.

What About Food?

The Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience will have plenty of options for you to choose between; whether you fancy a sweet treat like chocolate, fudge, cakes and hot puddings, or butterbeer; or something more substantial like fish and chips or a Cornish pasty, the Village will provide a range of opportunities to fill up on whatever you desire.

Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options will all also be available for both hot and cold, sweet and savoury options so no need to worry about going hungry.

It is important to note that The Forbidden Forest experience is entirely cashless!

How Much Does a Ticket Cost?

TicketPrice (per person)
Adult (16+)£46
Child (5-15)£34
Child (under 5)Free
Family (3 tickets, maximum 2 adults)£38
Group (8 tickets)£42
Donation to Give a Tree, Grow a Forest (optional)£3.95

The Local Wildlife

While the event gives fans the opportunities to discover mystical and magical creatures, you may also be interested in knowing how the experience affects the local wildlife.

Harry Potter: The Forbidden Forest Experience takes place on a pre-existing trail with a portion of the experience taking place on a track that will be upgraded for the experience. There should also be minimal disturbance to the local natural habitats.

Thanks in part to the experiences work with the estate manager any saplings removed by the experience will be replaced elsewhere within the woodlands.

Noise and light pollution will also hopefully be prevented from affecting the surrounding wildlife as sound levels where music is playing will be kept low, and localised limited lighting will be present around the experience.

Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience has also partners with Forest Carbon to allow for guests to donate the price of a tree which will combine with investments made by Forest Carbon to help fund the creation of new woodland areas around the UK.