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An Exciting Look At Warner Bros. Studios’ Halloween 2023 Celebration

Warner Bros. Studios’ Halloween: The Dark Arts

Warner Bros. Studios’ Halloween sees The Dark Arts returning from September 15th until November 5th 2023. The London studio will be setting stage for a spooky Halloween celebration for visitors to enjoy. Fans will be able to explore the studios as normal but will encounter new and exciting adventures waiting for them that are exclusive for the Halloween season.

An Exciting Look At Warner Bros. Studios' Halloween 2023 Celebration
An Exciting Look At Warner Bros. Studios' Halloween 2023 Celebration - Potterish

What is There to do?

This year guests will be welcomed into Hogwarts’ Great Hall to experience the magic of over 100 floating pumpkins suspended above a feast for the students.

As well as immersing yourself in life as a student, Warner Bros. Studios’ Halloween will give visitors he task of searching for the Dark Mark around the Studio Tour using their Studio Tour passport.

Additionally, there will be a Death Eater’s procession through the Studio Tour that will exhibit authentic on-screen costumes. Visitors will also be able to attend an interactive display by Paul Harris, Wand Choreographer for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, and then have the opportunity to practice their newly learnt talents on Death Eaters.

Warner Bros. Studios' Halloween.
The Dark Mark in The Forbidden Forrest at Warner Bros. Studios Tour (Credit: Warner Bros. Studios Tour London – Discover The Dark Arts)

Where Can I Get Tickets?

Tickets are currently available on the Warner Bros. Studios website here and all these extra features are included with the price. Guests have several options and deals to make their visit as magical as possible.