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Online since 2002, Potterish is the largest site dedicated to the Harry Potter series in Latin America. The site has registered more than one million visits in a single day and, today, expands its operations through social networks, gaining new readers, and consolidating itself as a great ally to The Wizarding World.

The site began after two college girls got together and decided they wanted to dedicate their summer to creating a Harry Potter homepage. The humble intentions of these two girls resulted in one of the most successful Harry Potter sites in the world. Ever since then the site has grown through the contributions of its dedicated and amazing fan – involving contributions to both the fan fiction site as well as the discussion forum – combined with the hard work by the volunteers creating posts for the site.

Unlike major media outlets in Brazil and abroad (Folha de S. Paulo, Veja, The New York Times, The Guardian, etc.) all the work at Potterish is done voluntarily, with love and professionalism, from fans to fans. If you are interested in being a part of the team, feel free to learn about our internship program.

One of Potterish’s proudest accomplishments was being awarded with the Fan Site Award – an award bestowed by J.K. Rowling to the best Harry Potter sites around the world. Potterish was the first non-English site to be awarded the FSA and was the exclusive winner in 2006.


Marcelo Neves | CEO

Masters in Computer Science/Databases, Marcelo has been at Potterish for over 19 years. He was the first member of the team who really knew how to program online pages. In early 2006, when the founders of Potterish – Carmem, Luciana, and Gabriella – decided to leave The Wizarding World to devote themselves to their professional careers, he had to take over the direction of the site. He lives in London, England, and takes care of the nerd part of the site’s programming.

Contact: Twitter | Marcelo@Potterish.com

Pedro Martins | Editor-in-Chief

A journalism student, Pedro discovered the magic of reading through J. K. Rowling’s books at the age of eight. Dedicated to his passion for the Wizarding World, he joined Potterish in 2013 and was not content to be part of a single team; on the contrary, he was part of all of them. This was until Marcelo promoted him to editor-in-chief. At the invitation of Warner Bros. Pictures, Peter visited the film set of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald in England, where he interviewed the cast and producers of the film.

Contact: Twitter | Pedro@Potterish.com

Marina Anderi | Marketing Manager

Filmmaker, it was through Harry Potter that Marina discovered her love of storytelling. Reading the series in English helped improve her fluency in the language and made it possible to join Potterish as a translator in 2010. In 2012 she became head of her team and in 2016, after persevering on the site even when there was no news from The Wizarding World, she was promoted to marketing manager to take care of our social networks that are paramount to the site.

Contact: Twitter | Marina@Potterish.com


Aline Michel | Publisher
Rodrigo Cavalheiro | Assistant Editor
Amanda Mira

Gabriela Benevides | Publisher
Vinicius Bonafé | Assistant Editor
Julianna Martinez


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