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Bonnie Wright reveals she was disappointed with Ginny Weasley’s portrayal in the Harry Potter films

The interpreter of Ginny Weasley from the Harry Potter franchise, Bonnie Wright, was interviewed on this week’s Inside of You podcast and spoke a little about her frustration with her participation in the Harry Potter films:

“I definitely feel like there was an anxiety about acting and doing my best for the growth of the character, for example. Like, ‘Oh my God, am I going to live up to this character that people love?’ So that’s always been hard to do, especially when, inevitably, many of the scenes for all the characters were reduced from book to movie. So you didn’t have as much to show in the movie.”

Bonnie Wright
Bonnie Wright no podcast Inside of You falando sobre Gina Wealsey
Bonnie Wright on the Inside of You podcast

She continues, “Sometimes it was a little disappointing because there were facets of the character that didn’t show up simply because there were no scenes for them. It made me feel a little distressed or just frustrated, I believe.”

She also spoke more about her fear of doing a bad job, “I think at the time, which is not so much the case today, my anguish was kind of about, ‘Oh, they’re going to think I’m playing this character badly,’ rather than realizing that I didn’t have much opportunity to play her. So it wasn’t exactly my fault.”

Bonnie Wright currently works with eco-responsible actions and is the author of Go Gently, which was released in 2022.