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With Daniel Radcliffe, comedy Miracle Workers is renewed for season 3

The comedy series Miracle Workers, starring Daniel Radcliffe, which made Harry Potter, has been renewed for a third season. The premiere in the United States is scheduled for July 13.

TBS, the channel that broadcasts the show in the U.S., revealed a teaser about a minute from next season. The episodes accompany a preacher, Daniel Radcliffe, who joins a criminal to lead a journey fraught with danger.

The series is usually aired in Brazil by Warner Channel with a delay of a few months with the international premiere. On streaming, the first season is available in full on Now. The second season also made it to the service’s catalogue, but only two of the ten episodes can be watched for now.

Daniel Radcliffe in Miracle Workers

The first season of Miracle Workers takes place in heaven, from where God, without faith in humanity, decides to destroy the Earth to have more time for himself. Daniel Radcliffe plays an angel who, with a co-worker, needs to convince God to give up the idea. For this, the duo has to make two human beings fall in love.

The second season takes place in the medieval period, with a narrative that accompanies a group of villagers who try to remain positive in the midst of poverty, poor health, and many scenes of humour, widespread ignorance.

Daniel Radcliffe in miracle workers scene
Daniel Radcliffe on season 2 of Miracle Workers (Photo: Warner Channel/Disclosure)

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