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J.K. Rowling donates £5k to Wooden Spoon – The Children’s charity of Rugby

Every Potterhead knows tha [J.K Rowlings] loves Rugby and that she also loves charity right?! So, last week our favorite writer donates £5k to the Wooden Spoon – The Children’s charity of Rugby.
The Wooden Spoon is a the UK’s leading grant-making charity dedicated to helping disabled and disadvantaged children and young people through rugby.
J.K Rowling o donated £5,ooo to the fundraising campaign of Irish rugby player, Geoff Cross, current player of the Scotaland (Jo’s team). Geoff left his beard grow to fundraising money to the Wooden Spoon. But, when the time comes he has to cut it off.

“I have been tempted in recent weeks to keep growing my beard but after a year’s growth and an increasing amount of pressure from my wife I have decided to shave off my now infamous beard in the name of charity.
However before I go any where near the clippers we need to raise £10,000.” Says Geoff.

We hope that Geoff reaches his goal soon.